Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Fuinn Highlights For 2x20 episode "Prom Queen"

- Finn says that he doesn't even want to go to prom because Quinn has him handing out pins, and he feels like he has no more dignity left. He also said that he didn't want to get Quinn mad at him for picking the wrong corsage.
- When Finn picked Quinn up for prom and he saw her in her prom dress, he called her the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen in his life.
- Quinn and Finn almost kiss until Quinn's mom interrupts wanting to take a few pictures of them.
- Quinn is happy with the corsage Finn picked for her
- While slow dancing, Quinn tells him that she's happy he is there with her and how it's everything she wanted.
- Quinn tries to break up the fight with Rachel when Finn and Jesse argue and start pushing each other.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Reviews on "I Don't Want To Know" Fuinn Duet

Here are some of the reviews/comments for Finn and Quinn's duet "I Don't Want To Know" in the 2x19 Glee episode "Rumours":

Saturday, 7 May 2011

A new possible spoiler about the Fuinn break up.

It is being said that Finn will learn about Quinn slapping Rachel in the "Funeral" episode (the next episode after the Prom episode) and break up with her.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fuinn Quotes and Lines From 2x19 "Rumours"

Here are some of the best lines between and about Quinn and Finn from the 2x19 episode "Rumours".

“Oh, I trust you. I just don’t trust her.” - Quinn
“I love being here, and I wanna win, but my relationship comes first. I’m sorry but Finn, if you wanna be with me, no more songs with her.” - Quinn
"I don't want to know the reasons why love keeps right on walking on down the line." - Finn and Quinn in their duet
"Now that's garbage. Quinn's clastrophobic." - Finn
"Sam's not gay." - Quinn
"Don't you think it's inappropriate for you to be singing a love song to my guy?" - Quinn
"What were you doing with him in that motel?" - Finn

Fuinn "Prom Queen" Spoilers

Here is what we currently know about Fuinn in the upcoming Glee episode, "Prom Queen":

- Finn and Quinn go to prom together.
- Quinn wears a blue dress, and Finn wears a black tux with a blue bowtie (the match Quinn).
- Finn picks up Quinn from her house.
- Finn feels like he has no more dignity because Quinn has him handing out pins.
- they have a scene eating dinner at a restaurant pre-prom
- Finn will be kicked out of prom, but Quinn will not be chasing after him. She stays at prom the whole night.

"Prom Queen" Promo!

New "Prom Queen" Pictures

Finn and Quinn's "I Don't Want To Know" Duet - 2x19 "Rumours"